Full Moon in GEMINI ♊︎ Last full moon of the year


At 12:12 am EST on 12/12, the Moon will reach peak fullness in the sign of Gemini. This is quite titillating as it is the final full moon of the year and the decade, aptly named the Cold Moon or Long Night Moon.  According to numerology the number 12 is at the end of the numerical spectrum, and represents the totality of things such as: 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the Zodiac, 12 hours in a day, 12 stages of life in Buddhism, 12 days of Christmas, 12 grades in school, and so forth. Not to mention the year 2019 adds up to 12! As you can imagine there is quite the theme of completion occurring now. A full moon is a great time to release that which no longer serves, we can leave behind all that we have outgrown throughout this year, and maybe even the entire decade to make way for an abundant new year and phase of life, growth, and self-awareness.


Occurring in the sign of Gemini, we can tap into curiosities and dualities. Gemini is a mutable air sign, and prefers quick wit, communication, and has a never-ending flow of ideas.  This may not be the deepest and most emotional moon; but a break from intensity is always welcomed.  We can apply working our mind like the double-edged sword that it is.  The sword can be used as a tool for creation and protection, or can be weaponized for harm.  Be mindful of how you apply it, as the karma of this sign lay with gossip, betrayal and spread of misinformation.  If you’re feeling bored and tempted to nefarious schemes, remember you can choose intellectual stimulation instead.


Published by kerrysdiary

Collage Artist inspired by the Cosmos, constantly learning about the stars, magic and creativity, sharing my experience along the way.

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