♒The Dawning of the szn of AQUARIUS♒

On January 24, the Sun and New Moon will move into the fixed air sign of Aquarius. This will be quite the energetic transition from the earthy & watery Capricorn+Cancer nodal axis that we started the year in, which was connected to emotional and practical security. The recent Full Moon in Cancer ♋︎ helped us wrap up old emotional wounds that were then “eclipsed” out of our lives. Capricorn rules the past and karma, while Aquarius is focused on the future.  Ruled by the planet of breakthrough and revolution, Uranus, this influence from the skies is providing a wake-up call that you simply can’t hit “snooze” on.

The symbol of Aquarius is an electric current moving through water. Combine these elements with it’s fixed air quality, and you have an opportunity to create meaningful and lasting change, especially if there are habits you are trying to break and messages you are wanting to share with your community.  The Water-bearer rules the eleventh house of Society and Community, extended social circles and colleagues.  When you get a great idea, it can feel like an electric shock or a lightbulb turning on.  This is the essence of this season; there will be rapid advancements when it comes to ideas for the future that you are ready and willing to share with your community.

The Aquarius can sometimes be seen as aloof or cold, but this is simply because they’re not wearing their heart on their sleeve.  Sometimes a little emotional detachment can be beneficial if you have tasks on hand to focus on, and are looking to create or maintain productive connections! This is a time to focus on your community as a whole and communicate your wild ideas, because with the first New Moon of the decade the seeds you plant now will have a powerful effect for years to come.

Published by kerrysdiary

Collage Artist inspired by the Cosmos, constantly learning about the stars, magic and creativity, sharing my experience along the way.

One thought on “♒The Dawning of the szn of AQUARIUS♒

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