Virgo Season ♍ Taroscopes

The fact that my Virgo post is a few days late because I was busy working on some irl creative projects is actually peak Virgo mood.

Where Leo shamelessly adores attention, the humble Virgo queen (or king) is working diligently behind the scenes to make sure everyone and everything is taken care of.  Virgo doesn’t seek praise but the satisfaction of a job well done.

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, where Gemini is the ‘data collector’ so to speak, Virgo is the ‘data organizer.’ Imagine the process of harvesting wheat, what isn’t useful is discarded, and what’s left is the ingredients to bake everyone bread. 

Virgo is mutable earth- the process of changing and improving our physical surroundings. As ruler of the sixth house, it encompasses day-to-day living and will have you evaluating your habits, crossing items off your to-do list, tuning up your schedule, getting organized, and focusing on the tasks in front of you instead of getting too carried away with your imagination.

Scroll down below and find your sign to read your Virgo season taroscope!




If perhaps you’ve been trying to get done more than is realistic at the moment and it’s leaving you feeling like your cutting corners- it’s time to try the opposite.  Channel your willpower, cut through any distractions and release anything that’s holding you back. It’s your time to shine, and you have full permission to love it, enjoy it, and put all your heart in.  You’re so often taking care of others, but now you can trust everything won’t fall apart if you take a break and relax. Happy Birthday Virgo!



There is an “Absolutely Not” in your life that is begging to be cut away this Virgo season. If the goal is to organize and make your life more efficient, where in your life does it feel like you keep ending up at a dead end but are too afraid to let go due to being diplomatic?



Can we talk about how we pulled the Hermit, the card that represents Virgo, and ‘A Vision’ featuring your beautiful Scorpio self?! You may be required to shut out the opinions of others and listen to your inner voice, there is something magical waiting for you to be discovered, pay attention to symbolism.  You don’t need to go deep into the desert to discover yourself, the truth just needs some time and space to be fully realized.



Your perspective might be asking for some nurturing self-love.  It’s been a long journey, and you’ve been through so much, and nobody has a story exactly like yours. Your mutable fire quality keeps you constantly on the go, but taking a moment to nourish yourself and appreciate your journey and your presence can help you weather any storm.



Indulging in a sensory experience might give you the change you’ve been seeking if you’ve been feeling stagnant. ‘The teacher’ is in the eye of the beholder, and the depth of your awareness it depends on how much spiritual value you place on arbitrary things.



Sometimes emotional generosity to yourself can look like drinking water. It hydrates us, purifies us, and cleanses us. Water and meaningful emotional connection with others are equal life sustaining forces. Remember to fill your cup and when it’s overflowing, give it away.



A foundation that wasn’t properly built will always crumble, but that leaves room to build something more authentic in its place.  Maybe things aren’t going exactly how you planned, or they didn’t turn out how you expected.  But there are always two sides to one coin or a story, and which side it’s on it depends on how you’re relating to your reality. Conversely, what you’re fearing now is actually a blessing in disguise.



You have a decision to make and it may appear that there are conflicts in almost any direction you turn in.  You want to make a move, but maybe it seems like you’re presented with a lose-lose situation. It will help to look at your situation completely objectively- removed from impositions of your opinion on morals or dualistic thinking of ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ You don’t need permission. Sometimes, to meet in the middle of a lose-lose you just need to compromise.



Taking the time to dedicate to your skill or craft, away from distractions will provide you with all the satisfaction you need.  It may not be time to reap the awards of what you’re working on, but you will be compensated with the joy of seeing progress doing what you love, and in time, it’s eventual fruition.



If you’ve overcame a struggle or challenge of conflict lately, it’s time to give yourself the recognition you deserve for overcoming your struggles.  The universe sometimes has a strange way of manifesting our desires, but know that your wish is being granted.



There’s a lot to balance in work, life, time, and resources. You may be focused on the world in front of you while the waves of your emotions are cast to the background.  Are you not facing them out of fear?  You’re going through a transformation, and that may lead to a feelings of despair grieving your old self. A gentle reminder that fertilization may the death of the flower, but it’s the birth of the fruit.



Focusing on your work and letting go of outside distractions is the road to success for you this Virgo season.  Each methodical step you make now is only adding interest to the investment of the your goals and the wishes you made in the past. You’re so close, keep going, the universe is listening, and all you need to do is keep doing what you’re doing.



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