Gemini Season 2021

♊It’s officially Gemini Season♊ 🌪️👯🌪️ Ruled by Mercury, governed by Mutable air. The archetype for this sign is known as The Storyteller.  Gemini, the twins also represent duality- light vs dark, self vs shadow. Mercury relates to the mind and way we think, so this prompts the question, what kind of stories do we tellContinue reading “Gemini Season 2021”

New Moon in Taurus – Taroscopes

It’s a no-nonsense taurus new moon, featuring one of my favorite no-nonsense women, @gracejonesofficial. The sun and moon join together in the sky on May 11, prompting us to go inward and contemplate what we will build as the Moon waxes during these last ten days of taurus season.  The Moon is exalted in Taurus;Continue reading “New Moon in Taurus – Taroscopes”

the great saturn+jupiter conjunction

These two planetary giants are about to get closer in the sky than they have in 400 years.  This is known as the Great Conjunction- rumored to have been the Star of Bethlehem.  This happens on December 21, the same day as the Winter Solstice in the sign of Aquarius. ♄♒♃ The best part isContinue reading “the great saturn+jupiter conjunction”

Virgo Season ♍ Taroscopes

The fact that my Virgo post is a few days late because I was busy working on some irl creative projects is actually peak Virgo mood. Where Leo shamelessly adores attention, the humble Virgo queen (or king) is working diligently behind the scenes to make sure everyone and everything is taken care of.  Virgo doesn’tContinue reading “Virgo Season ♍ Taroscopes”

SUN☀️ IN LEO♌️.:. FULL MOON 🌕IN AQUARIUS♒️ .:. What’s your story?

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” –Joseph Campbell Like most, I’ve always noticed and  felt the effects of the full moon, from howling at it when it rose and blaming it for crazy antics when anything went awry,Continue reading “SUN☀️ IN LEO♌️.:. FULL MOON 🌕IN AQUARIUS♒️ .:. What’s your story?”

♌It’s officially Leo Season♌

It’s officially 🦁Leo Season🦁 meow! the switch from CANCER to LEO is like night and day, almost literally as Cancer is Lunar energy (ruled by the Moon-internal emotions) and Leo is Solar energy (ruled by the Sun-external creation).  🔥 Leo is fixed fire- meaning it is the most sustained source of fire in the zodiac. Continue reading “♌It’s officially Leo Season♌”

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Cancer + the Heliacal Rising of Dog Star Sirius

🐚CAUGHT UP IN MY FEELINGS🐚 After a raucous Gemini season, there’s a lot of different energy to unpack coming up when the Sun conjuncts the New Moon in Cancer. Cancer is Cardinal Water represented by the crab, a creature who’s protective shell gives it a home wherever it goes.  Ruled by the Moon, Cancer isContinue reading “New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Cancer + the Heliacal Rising of Dog Star Sirius”


What even is a retrograde?! It’s an optical illusion that occurs when an orbiting planet gets closest to Earth (pictured above).  As the planets pass each other, it appears as though one is moving backwards, but really they’re both moving in the same direction.  So how or why would an optical illusion’s influence translate fromContinue reading “℞ LET’S TALK ABOUT RETROGRADES, BABY ℞”

♊️GEMINI SZN♊️ A Breath of Fresh Air

♊️GEMINI SZN♊️ .:. A Breath of Fresh Air Gemini, represented as the twins👯 are known for being inquisitive, curious, and adaptable. Their element is mutable air, which gives them an ability to see both sides of a situation. ☤ Ruled by Mercury☿, the planet of the mind and communication, is neither a malefic or beneficContinue reading “♊️GEMINI SZN♊️ A Breath of Fresh Air”