Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 5.26.21

Early tomorrow (Wednesday) morning with the Sun in Gemini will move into near perfect alignment with the Earth, casting it’s shadow over the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius- creating a Lunar Eclipse, and kicking off Eclipse season.  Eclipses have a tendency to amplify and accelerate evolution- they activate the Nodes, which symbolize our past and […]

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Gemini Season 2021

♊It’s officially Gemini Season♊ 🌪️👯🌪️ Ruled by Mercury, governed by Mutable air. The archetype for this sign is known as The Storyteller.  Gemini, the twins also represent duality- light vs dark, self vs shadow. Mercury relates to the mind and way we think, so this prompts the question, what kind of stories do we tell […]

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