Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 5.26.21

Early tomorrow (Wednesday) morning with the Sun in Gemini will move into near perfect alignment with the Earth, casting it’s shadow over the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius- creating a Lunar Eclipse, and kicking off Eclipse season.  Eclipses have a tendency to amplify and accelerate evolution- they activate the Nodes, which symbolize our past and […]

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Virgo Season ♍ Taroscopes

The fact that my Virgo post is a few days late because I was busy working on some irl creative projects is actually peak Virgo mood. Where Leo shamelessly adores attention, the humble Virgo queen (or king) is working diligently behind the scenes to make sure everyone and everything is taken care of.  Virgo doesn’t […]

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🌕 ♌LEO FULL MOON♌ 🌕 Celebrate Yourself and the Darkest Shadows You Cast

“My intellect, light originating from the stars, cold as infinity, acts upon the ternal heat of magma to produce the creative roar.  Heaven and Earth unite in this howl, awakening the world.  I can make every humble stone become an artwork.  I can cause spindly trees to sproud with sap-swollen fruit.  I can transform he […]

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