The Meta Muse Tarot

The Meta Muse Tarot is officially here!

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What Makes The Meta Muse Tarot unique:

The Meta Muse Tarot is a 79-card deck and guidebook designed to align you with your own inner muse by sparking intuition and creativity. Transform stagnancy into movement, turn lack into abundance, and pain into beauty by tuning in to your own inner wisdom.

Each card contains detailed, traditional Rider-Waite scenery so it is user-friendly to the novice reader.  Each card lists its Elemental, Zodiacal, and corresponding Hebrew letter for those who wish to add a deeper layer to their practice.  An additional card featuring the Qabalistic Tree of Life is included that may be set aside and used as a study guide, or mixed into the deck as a wild card in your readings.

“The Star” card from The Meta Muse Tarot by Kerry Krogstad
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