Full Moon in Aquarius ♒︎ TAROSCOPES 🔮

This Thursday, on August 15 at 8:29 AM ET, the Moon will reach peak fullness in the fixed air sign of AQUARIUS ♒︎ opposite the Sun in Leo♌︎.  Aquarius loves to think and share their wild ideas, and Leo loves a stage.  Consider it time to let your freak flag fly with your fellow freaks whom you adore.  Don’t be afraid to push some boundaries (respectfully…) think outside the box, and explore uncharted territories.

So you don’t get lost on the wild ride this full moon, below are TAROSCOPES based on your Zodiac sign. You can find links to the decks used at the end of the page.



The Ace of Cups is a gorgeous opportunity of love, romance, and spirituality being gifted to you by the universe, and all you had to do was be yourself.  This is a full cup of untainted love water that can basically make all your dreams come true, and you get to decide what you want to do with it.  Will you deepen love you have for your partner if you’re matched up, or will you seek out new romance if single? Will you dedicate it to strengthening your connection to the community around you, or on the contrary, will you turn your back and ignore these gifts and let them rot? Maybe it’s time to look inward and reassess your values and what you want out of life. Find your inner guiding light- this can be done through quiet retreat or mindful withdrawal from the hustle and bustle of distractions.  After your contemplation, action is required.  If you feel something is missing, go and figure out what it is through good old fashioned trial-and-error.  If you’re feeling left out in the cold, only you can come into warmth. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Diana’s guidance says: “Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings and actions on your target, and you will make your mark.”



In the Ten of Pentacles, everything on the outside looks great! There is material abundance occurring in your life, everything is going according to plan and everyone has their place.  This external abundance depends on stability, consistency, and practicality- and a bit of the ‘ol bite your tongue.  Sometimes you have to make personal sacrifices for the “greater good.” You’re on your A-game career-wise, and you may be celebrating a recent accomplishment or even just finally getting the recognition you’ve been wanting. So- what’s the catch? Six of Wands is a celebration, but celebrations are usually short-lived. The Five of Pentacles points to some sort of depletion, a feeling of lack or feeling left out. Maybe you’re tired from all the hard work and success lately? It could just time for a disco nap, but more-so a time to recalibrate an internal sense of abundance, wonder and magic. Magic is everywhere, in any mundane or extravagant aspect of life, when you look for and feel it. Athena’s guidance says “You know what to do. Trust your inner wisdom and take appropriate action without delay. Trust your instincts and stop giving power away to others.”



The Strength card isn’t about brutish physicality, but a deep understanding that leads to compassion which in turn promotes vulnerability, which, for the record is a positive and beautiful thing.  This is why the woman in the card can so gracefully hold the lion’s mouth in her hand, and his tail is between his legs. To be vulnerable is to be completely open to possibilities, good and bad. The King of Cups has mastered controlling his emotions, but it leaves him cut off from his natural internal tides. This could be beneficial if the emotional seas are stormy and choppy. On the other hand, this card can also represent a man or woman in your life who seems detached.  The Temperance card is one of healing rejuvenation.  It reminds us that sometimes it’s all about taking the middle route of moderation and balance.  This can apply to our physical health relating to overindulgence, and even represent give and take in relationships.  Deep compassion, emotional stability, and moderation are themes in your life for this full moon. Isolt’s guidance: “The love you shared is eternal, regardless of the situation. Your inner wisdom may be quieted by any pain that you feel, yet be assured the healing you’re undergoing is swift and efficient and truly healing from the inside out. Your heart must heal, treat yourself with tenderness and gentleness.”



 Sometimes grief and sadness can be so all-encompassing that we forget about the good things we do have going for us. If lately you’ve been feeling wronged by the world at large or even just yourself, the Knight of Swords is here to take action. This could be you grabbing life by the reigns, or someone coming into your life quite dramatically and forcefully to help you move forward. Using the power of your intellect will help you get through whatever troubles lay ahead or behind.  With the help of the Knight you are able to evolve from the hurdles in the Five of Cups, and take life by the reigns without fear and worry that you might upset someone. Applying your mind in a new way by training your thoughts can help you expand possibilities in love, life, career and beyond. The merchant ships are coming in, brimming with opportunity, how will you participate? Kuan Yin’s guidance says: “Release judgements about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.  Keep your thoughts about yourself and others positive. Forgive yourself or another. Release perfectionist tendencies.”

LEO ♌︎


It’s your season, Leo, and you’re in you’re element! Your power is multiplying at dizzying speeds.  The Page of Wands can be either an aspect of yourself, or someone around you with an excitable, youthful disposition.  The Page is ready to go on a journey, isn’t exactly sure how to get there but figures to just go forth and see what there is to discover.  The Eight of Wands indicates a lot of action on the path ahead, it will seem like there are things flying at you in all directions.  Planning is necessary, but may feel futile at times. When it comes to our passions, sometimes it feels like it’s either feast or famine, drought or deluge.  Right now, it’s flooding and the levels are rising fast.  Keep your head cool while riding the waves.  The King of Cups, an aspect of you or someone in your circle, will have a stabilizing effect by not getting too emotional and keeping things under control.  Guidance from Maeve: “Honor the cycles of your body, energy level, and emotions. All of life is cyclical, so why should you be surprised that you too have cycles? Make time to rest. Allow yourself to grieve or take time off. Take better care of your body.” 



Work work work? It seems like work and practical matters of life are at the forefront now. The placement of the cards looks like two people are working really hard together to build something tangible- and it’s definitely getting there.  The Eight of Pentacles shows a man deep in thought, a master of his skill, diligently working away at his craft.  Next to him, a man is deep in work but evaluating said craft.  Where is this work going? What’s next? Maybe it’s time to think about how to implement a new strategy or skill to bring some variety to the table.  Maybe there’s something you’ve secretly been wanting to express, but haven’t had the courage.  This full moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to do so!  The High Priestess represents mystery, the unconscious, and hidden feelings. She’s a reminder to look within and strengthen your intuition through meditation. Guidance from Nemetoma: “Create an altar or visit a power place to connect with the divine.  You need a quiet place of refuge and retreat for yourself. Explore spirituality through symbols and sacred sites. Build an altar. Your sacred space is within you now.”



The Queen of Wands is fiery, magnetic, charming, and a go-getter.  She’s bright like the sun and likes her place on the throne.  This can either represent an aspect of you or someone in your circle.  Moving into the Two of Wands shows a splitting or doubling of power, and the opportunities that come with it are equivalent to having the world in your hands. Your projects are gaining momentum, and maybe with the help of another they will go even further. The Queen of Wands may be apprehensive about giving away her power, or she thinks that by teaming up she will somehow lose control or detract from her prowess.  This thinking is counter-productive, and is a way for her to deny the truth and stay blocked from progress. Guidance from Maat: “This situation will be handled in a fair and just manner.  Fairness is when all parties involved surrender their personal agendas in favor of the greater good of the group.  A dispute will end harmoniously.  You’ll be treated fairly. Release guilt and shame, as these emotions can attract a punishing attack.” By the way, notice her Libra scales in the card. 🙂 



There’s something in your life that is ready to be let go of, and once it is gone, a big change is coming.  The Hanged Man comes right before the Death card in the order of the Major Arcana.  He tells us that there is something in our life that needs go, and in the Death card is the ultimate transformation and release, always for the sake of progress and growth.  This is one of those major life kind of changes and it’s no surprise for anyone to be cautious. What needs to go? As long as you keep yourself closed off, either by fear or resistance and hold on to what currently is, you won’t have a chance to evolve and your current situation will just go stagnant. The Four of Pentacles can also mean adding structure to your life, and indicate that directing your energies inward can be beneficial if you’ve been giving too freely lately.  Guidance from Rhiannon: “You are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality.  The simple act of stepping outside will do you a world of good in reawakening your sleeping, magical, spiritual nature. When you win, others win too. Keep your thoughts focused on your desire and away from fear.”



This full moon is a great time to reflect on all the progress you have made lately.  Look back at the week, this month, this year- go ahead and reflect on everything you have accomplished.  Pat yourself on the back. Ok, so you’ve made so much progress, you’ve congratulated yourself, and now you’re asking what’s next. You may just get a brilliant idea, develop a new creative vision, or experience a renewed sense of passion in your work. Take initiative and immediate action on the calling that comes up. Whatever this new endeavor is, it manifests quickly and multiplies. Capitalize on it while you can, as it will be gone before you know it. Guidance from Maeve: “Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels, and emotions. All of life is cyclical, so why should you be surprised you too have cycles? Initiate steps to alleviate depression or lethargy.  Know that this lull won’t last forever.  A doorway of opportunity has opened up, and you need to walk through it now.”



The Two of Wands card represents an idea or a new venture that is growing.  It’s beginning to be take shape and suddenly now that this idea is coming to life, we realize it’s going to involve making decisions, weighing your options and deciding how you’re going to move forward.  It can also represent coming together with another person with equal passion and drive. The Ace of Pentacles represents a promising new beginning, and is reminder that good things are built over time. This gift of coin from the universe will help with your finances, career, a new job, or in your home life; however, similar to a houseplant, only if you water it. It depends on your nurturance. The Ten of Cups is the wish-come-true card, a message that life can actually be pleasant sometimes, and not just “without pain.” So put that work in, and it will pay off, big time. If there is a decision you’ve been weighing over, this full moon is saying go for it and is delivering you everything you could possibly need. Guidance from Mother Mary: “Expect a miracle.  Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.”



Let’s be real- the Full Moon is not all rainbows and sunshine (but sometimes you get moon-bows!)  The Sun opposite the Moon can create a polarizing effect on everyone, bringing tensions and shadow aspects to the surface for us to face. With the Moon in your sign you may be called to reflect on the way you experience emotions and imagination vs. fantasy.  The intellect is a very powerful tool, and like an actual sword, can be used for something rudimentary such as to chop a watermelon, or it can be put to far more nefarious tasks, like anxiety and self-sabotage. It can be used to amplify the problems in your life, and your emotions will follow suit. It can also be used to solve problems, and your emotions will follow suit there as well. If you feel overwhelmed by too many choices, cut out the unnecessary distractions and focus on what really matters to you. Guidance from Diana: “Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings, and actions focused on your target, and you will make your mark. Be in charge of your body, your schedule, and your mind, and keep them focused on your target.”



The Nine of Pentacles signifies success- not the typical “rags to riches” story but one of personal evolution; it is the card that represents someone who has worked long and hard to create their life, and they take responsibility for their actions in it. Not only is she responsible, but everything in her life is laced with magic through intention. It’s a gift and a skill. The Chariot represents using your sheer will to lead you to victory, no matter what the cost. Alternatively, you could be trying to gain a hold of two opposing forces.  Possibly competition, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. If there is a conflict, you may be called to grab the reigns of the situation and moderate. You can do so with the same magical self-assurance displayed in the Nine of Pentacles. Guidance from Damara: “You are good at helping, counseling, and healing children.  Use your skills to help children now.  One can be gentle and a fierce protector simultaneously.  My vigilant focus on keeping harmony stems from my desire for children to maintain their youthful awe and sense of wonder.”


Happy Full Moon!


Decks used:

Rider Waite-Smith

Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck 



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