The next week is packed with some major astrological changes in the sky.  Cardinal fire Aries ♈︎ is here to burn away the Pisces ♓︎ haze we’ve been blindly navigating for the past month.  It brings equality in the hours of day and night, sun and moon, self and shadow, individual and collective.  The Aries Ram represents rebirth, action, courage and forward movement. There’s no doubt something bigger than us is being reborn here, and it just might have something to do with the great malefic Saturn moving into it’s natural ruler and freedom-loving Aquarius ♒︎.  The Age of Aquarius represents one-ness in the uni-verse, paradoxically celebrating what makes an individual unique and how that enhances the whole of society. It’s about communication and connectedness, especially through technology. But what happens when a planet (Saturn) which likes to dole out a healthy serving of karma, constriction and responsibility, moves into Aquarius? It’s like a communal Saturn Return.  Pluto thrown in the mix conjunct Saturn and soon to be Marsparty ensures destruction in order to rebuild in a more profound and evolved way.  Our current systems are not working, society is changing and they must be restructured by any means necessary. Expect to see lots of uncomfortable mirrors, challenges and triumphs.  The Sun in Aries doesn’t give up, and we’ll all be channeling the fighting spirit of the Ram this season.

I’ll be celebrating my solar return on the Aries New Moon on the 24th in quarantine, like the rest of the responsible population practicing social distancing.  Suddenly planting new-moon intentions takes on such a bigger meaning.  We are all in this together, and only doing as well as the person next to us.  So let’s support each other ❤ Leave a comment and let me (us) know how you’re doing! Happy Aries Season!

Published by kerrysdiary

Collage Artist inspired by the Cosmos, constantly learning about the stars, magic and creativity, sharing my experience along the way.

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