New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Cancer + the Heliacal Rising of Dog Star Sirius


After a raucous Gemini season, there’s a lot of different energy to unpack coming up when the Sun conjuncts the New Moon in Cancer.

Cancer is Cardinal Water represented by the crab, a creature who’s protective shell gives it a home wherever it goes.  Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is known as the great mother of the Zodiac.  She is fiercely protective and nurturing at the same time.  Cancer rules over the Fourth House of home, family, and early childhood experiences. 

A Solar Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon when the Moon reaches the peak of it’s elliptical orbit and passes directly over the Sun.  Although the Sun is 400x wider than the Moon, it is also 400x away. This gives it the incredibly random chance of perfectly blocking out the sun for a brief period of time. This spectacle has been associated with great changes, omens, and portals all over the world throughout history.

The Sun is known as the light of consciousness, and when the Moon, representing the subconscious and inner world blocks out that light, it allows deep underlying thoughts, feelings, and fears to come to surface.  Although events can be immediate, what transpires through this solar eclipse in Cancer can plant seeds that will reveal themselves in time.  Since Cancer is associated with home & mother, themes surrounding family and safety may come up. 

Lately I’ve been wondering about the astrological correspondence between the Fourth of July and Cancer season. Not just for the U.S, as there are many countries who also celebrate independence around this time.  Since most  holidays have symbolic connections to their hosting season (Easter during Aries, Halloween during Scorpio, etc) it wasn’t immediately clear to me how independence and fireworks were related to the Moon, the Mother, and safety.

There is another transit happening during Cancer season that actually sums it up pretty well, and that’s the Heliacal Rising of Dog Star Sirius, which conjuncts the Sun right around the Fourth of July each year. In ancient Egypt, the Rising of Dog Star Sirius was simultaneously an omen and a sign of blessings to come.  As the star became visible in the sky, it marked the time of year when the Nile River would flood- and subsequently nourish the land with life-giving fertility and abundance. Sirius was considered a sacred and revered star, and it’s annual return would be celebrated with feasts and celebrations.

Because Sirius goes away and comes back during the “Dog Days” of Summer, it’s associated with death and rebirth. When it returns on the Fourth of July it is a celebration of new life.  It’s the water breaking, the labor, the divine spark of existence, a celebration of something coming into consciousness- reflected perfectly in the explosive and awe-inspiring show of fireworks, an ode to the Star returning and a blessing for new possibilities.  But maybe it was just a coincidence the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence one day after the Sirius’ return.

The influx of Cardinal Water in the cosmos creates the potential for new beginnings: what is nourished during this time will provide abundance later.  These floods can be symbolic, they nourish the land the same way strong emotions have the ability shape your future.  Being overwhelmed by emotions like fear and anger have the ability to be catalysts for change- as long as they are channeled properly.  This is the challenge of Cancer season.  Finding a proper vehicle for your emotions is crucial – to give physical form to the force of water and find balance. How to channel emotions and give them form?  Put them into writing, into creating art, and taking action in the world. 

The combination of the Solar Eclipse+Heliacal Rising of Dog Star Sirius is a time for very potent new beginnings, it’s the kind of portal you walk through and nothing can be the same after. Remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, angry- there could be something meaningful under those feelings, waiting to burst through and take shape.

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Collage Artist inspired by the Cosmos, constantly learning about the stars, magic and creativity, sharing my experience along the way.

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