New Moon in Taurus – Taroscopes

It’s a no-nonsense taurus new moon, featuring one of my favorite no-nonsense women, @gracejonesofficial.

The sun and moon join together in the sky on May 11, prompting us to go inward and contemplate what we will build as the Moon waxes during these last ten days of taurus season. 

The Moon is exalted in Taurus; making this an extra harmonious aspect- however there is one wild card in the skies.  Uranus is also in Taurus, a planet that’s known for the unexpected occurrences. It’s also known as being somewhat the unconventional art kid, so why not infuse any new projects with a little bit of weirdness just to keep it interesting and channel it’s energy effectively. 

we still have a chance to lay down some roots now, before the seasons shift to mutability in Gemini season on May 21.  Below are Taroscopes by Zodiac sign if you feel the need for a little extra clarity during this New Moon!

New Moon Taroscopes


The Star

If you feel like you have just gone through the ringer, The Star card is here to show you a way, a way to connect to yourself and to your community. Often it takes a big shakeup in our lives to get us back on our path if we have gone off course. But just like a compass, we are naturally drawn to our True North. Whatever you find yourself doing now, on this New Moon, is indeed connected to your true purpose, one that will not only serve your highest good, but also those around you. Set your intentions with gratitude, keep doing the work, and the rest will fall into place.


The Lovers

Taurus, this New Moon you have a choice to make. If you’re feeling pulled to your past, remember that the mind circles around what it hasn’t accepted and integrated. Duality is an inherent characteristic of life as we know it, but identifying too much with either the light or the dark is where we run into problems. With the Lovers card, you have a beautiful opportunity to integrate, with yourself and in your closest relationships. Sometimes situations in your life that are worth it may require some sort of sacrifice.


King of Cups

The Divine Masculine is unfortunately very misunderstood in modern day. Divine Masculine is protective, loving, assertive, kind, and strong. In it’s exalted form it is also gentle- or it should be. Consider your relationship to the Divine Masculine. There is strength is showing vulnerability and emotions; contrary to the most common interpretations. Honor what it is to be in touch with your emotions, and this New moon maybe set an intention to honor your intuition and how you actually feel about circumstances in your life. If you have love to give, share it freely.


Six of Swords

You may find yourself embarking on a journey with the help of a loving friend- packing up your sorrows and leaving troubled water behind. If you have anxiety around any part of your life, it’s important to listen to and honor it. The universe is helping guide you to calmer shores, and in this situation some emotional detachment may be of assistance, at least for now, until you find yourself settled and ready to address what it is you had to leave behind.


The High Priestess

The High Priestess simply knows. She has a deep intuition that connects her to all that is- this connection is so powerful she need not share it with the world. This card suggests that it’s time to keep your head down and hustle. There’s true value to keeping things sub-rosa, that is, keeping ideas in secret until they’re fully ready to bloom. Studying, writing, securing deals- the High Priestess will assist in all these areas. When it’s time to show and share, you’ll have a polished project that sweeps people off their feet.


10 of Wands

If you are feeling over burdened by any aspect of your life, work, relationships, projects- it’s time to take a break. There’s no benefit to carrying more than you can handle, as burnout will be inevitable. You’ve already accomplished so much- maybe take a moment to reflect and recalibrate. The New Moon is a time for new beginning, so take stock and see what is really worth carrying into this next phase of your life.


The Devil

To be free from suffering, free yourself from attachments. Physical, mental, spiritual- becoming to bound to any of the aspects of life becomes detrimental. To be free from the bondage of self is often easier said than done. It helps to remember that we all have a shadow side that can take control at any moment, the trick is to embrace it instead of resist it. What is it calling out to for to be acknowledged? If Hell is simply a place of our own making in our own mind, then Heaven is as well.


Six of Wands

You’re really killing it with whatever you’re focused on right now- getting the job done and also getting the respect you deserve for it. The Six of Wands in this case is a reminder that out of all that you put out into the world, the most important audience truly is yourself. Are you happy and fulfilled with what you’re doing? Is this something that can sustain you long term, or is it just giving you the temporary attention you want? Praise can be fleeting which is why it’s important to stay in touch with your values, for the short term and the long term.


The Hermit

We all need to take a break sometimes. Go on a solo adventure, whether that’s literal or an afternoon to yourself to simply meditate. We all have an internal north star to guide us, but it can also be easy to lose sight of that with all the noise surrounding us. Take a break and some time to recalibrate that you are on the right path. Solitude, when treated medicinally, has the opportunity to heal us, if we can give it the chance to.


King of Wands

The King of Wands is all fire- he sees the big picture, knows how to handle business, and is extremely effective and successful at it. But as a King, seeing so broadly, there’s one thing he may overlook, and that’s the little details, i.e. the people closest to him. King of Wands energy means you’re on top of your game professionally or creatively, but it’s also a reminder to consider the people around you who helped make it possible.


The Sun

The Sun is a blessing in any tarot spread. The light of consciousness is shining over all- shadows become purified in the benevolent rays of our solar systems main star. Childlike innocence and fun, purity and prosperity are all abundant factors for you at this time. One of my favorite reminders in the Sun card is the subtle brick wall behind the child playfully riding a white horse. This suggests that most growth and illumination happen as long as there are proper boundaries in place. When you value your time and resources, others can’t help but do the same.


Four of Pentacles

You may be feeling the need to protect your resources during this New Moon. It can help your career to have an industrial mindset, however this is a reminder of at what expense? Your need for security has the potential to block your intuition, and if continued on this path can have real consequences. It’s all about balance- learning the lessons of give and take before you have nothing left to give. Set intentions for abundance for this New Moon and watch the blessings come rolling in.

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