Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 5.26.21

Early tomorrow (Wednesday) morning with the Sun in Gemini will move into near perfect alignment with the Earth, casting it’s shadow over the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius- creating a Lunar Eclipse, and kicking off Eclipse season. 

Eclipses have a tendency to amplify and accelerate evolution- they activate the Nodes, which symbolize our past and future fate. Drastic closures and beginnings have a tendency to occur, which make this a somewhat volatile energy to work with. Many advise against it, although I believe it’s just misunderstood.  With a moon of this intensity,  it’s more about submitting to it’s wills rather than imposing your own upon it. Essentially going with the flow and just absorbing the lessons. 

This Lunar Eclipse falls under the sign of Sagittarius- the Philosopher of the zodiac, ruling over long distance travel, belief systems, religion and expansion. Perhaps you’re uncovering new truths that challenge what you have long known and accepted- it may feel like a wake-up call. Let go of the past, old attachments & expectations. Remember their lessons and make room for the new opportunities, new strengths- which will be rapidly approaching with the Solar Eclipse on June 10. 

art by @kerrysdiary

Published by kerrysdiary

Collage Artist inspired by the Cosmos, constantly learning about the stars, magic and creativity, sharing my experience along the way.

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