Cancer Season Taroscopes

Cancer Season .:. Taroscopes

It’s officially Summer, Cardinal Water Cancer is in full effect as we begin our journey through Cancer Season.  It kicks off with the Summer Solstice, Mercury going direct in Gemini and a Capricorn Full Moon on June 24th. 

Although many of us look forward to Mercury Direct (for good reason) we are still not out of the woods just yet.  The Shadow (or Retroshade) period lasts about an extra two weeks, meaning things may still feel a little wonky or hard to grasp.  Gemini represents siblings, or close social groups, like your community or people you grew up with. It’s possible that during this retrograde you were visited by people from your past that you didn’t ever count on hearing from again— but it also could have facilitated reconnecting with people you genuinely care about that you may have been distanced from due to the Pandemic and all the changes we have endured as a global community.

Gemini Season, mutable air, is always full of action and communication that can sometimes make your head spin, but it’s also a time you can get SO much done and be productive, channeling the energy of the Data Collector. As we enter Cancer season, the rate of progress may seem to slow down, but it’s actually ushering in a new beginning. Intuition, emotions, creativity and imagination come to the forefront in this Water sign. Feeling all the feels, we can connect in a deeper way than normal to ourselves and to those we care about. The Full Moon in Capricorn will ensure keeping our goals rooted in the real world and on earth; not losing sight of what we are setting out to accomplish, just having focused instinct to give us an extra layer of guidance. A Full Moon is always a great time to release something which is holding you back. Often things come to fruition, a cycle ends, and over the next two weeks until the New Moon we will have the opportunity to phase out that which doesn’t serve us— all with deep gratitude for the lessons learned.

With that being said, I pulled a card from my deck The Meta Muse Tarot (which I will hopefully be launching by Halloween! More info to come so stay tuned!) for each Zodiac sign to see what will serve you to Release during this Full Moon.  Feel free to read you Sun, Moon and Rising predictions for a more in depth reading!)


Eight of Wands

You may have felt like the last couple weeks have been nothing but Go Go Go! This card usually represents a lot of swift communication, recent developments, and unexpected messages.  This energy can be extremely useful when it comes in, getting more done in a single day than even an entire month at times! But this Moon in Capricorn is suggesting to stay as grounded as possible during so much “up in the air” vibes. This energy will leave just as quickly as it came, so try not to get too lost in all the movement and channel it as best you can to get it all done. Try out a grounding ritual by spending time in nature, giving yourself some Self-Care or even taking a moment for gratitude for all that this energy has brought in for you.


The Sun

It is time for you Taurus to release anything that is holding back your confidence- possibly by starting with some inner child work and going towards developing healthy boundaries. The Sun card suggests that the path towards honesty, truth, light and creativity is by letting your authentic self shine. This may sound like a platitude, but actually it can be challenging to express yourself if  you’ve have experienced conditioning that told you otherwise. Your creativity is on fire, and you deserve to share what you’ve accomplished. Keep your focus on what you will bring to the world, and not on what has been taken from you. The Sun’s benevolence is beside you and will nurture any seeds you plant at this time. 



During this Full Moon cycle, balance my means of purification is the goal. Releasing any unhealthy habits, toxic relationships, or a general sense of feeling ungrounded will help you on your journey at this time. Temperance is the angel on your shoulder who encourages you to do the right thing- whatever is right for you. All you have to do is listen to your intuition and you will know if you are operating from your shadow side, or your authentic self. It usually has more to do with surrender than it does with controlling how a situation will turn out. All you can really do is make sure your side of the street is taken care of and not worry about anyone else’s.


Princess of Wands

It’s your Birthday season Cancer, and the Princess of Wands is here to bring on the heat of Summer. This card is pure fire and passion, driven by the fire in her heart and knowing not fear. What you may lack in experience will be made up for with enthusiasm. You have the power now to start something new, whether it be a creative project, work, a relationship, or even finally going on that vacation you’ve been putting off. The Princess is new energy— meaning she hasn’t left just yet. Make sure all your plans are solidified and that there is a thorough itinerary so that all your bases will be covered and taken care of, ground your plans in reality before taking flight. If you feel a new path or journey is calling you, now is the time to answer it!


The Fool

This Cancer season is the perfect time to start something new, go on a journey, and embrace a new path! You may be feeling light on your feet, an instinctual pull to take a leap into the unknown. You’ve reached a point where now your past feels light enough to carry with you without weighing you down.  You’re entering into a new phase, a new cycle with so much ahead of you. Take a risk with faith knowing that this is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing at this time.  Leave behind any worry or self-doubt, and embrace the lightness of the season.


Eight of Cups

It’s time to walk away from a situation that was unbalanced. You may have tried to make it work by giving some, taking away some, stacking the situation in all sorts of ways to make it work- but the best action to take now is to walk away and seek balance somewhere new. It’s ok to feel disappointment in what may not have worked out, but have faith in knowing what will be there for you now is much more in alignment with your heart and your intentions.


7 of Swords

You may have had some sort of communication lately that left you feeling unsettled, unseen, left out or even just disagreed with. The kind of communication where there doesn’t seem like there are any winners, although each party involved would like to think so. This kind of difficult communication can lead to breakthroughs if even at least one person decides to see it as such. You can either learn about yourself or the others, and let that knowledge help you make more informed decisions in the future. 


Five of Wands

Right now it serves you best to focus on your strengths, your uniqueness, and discipline to bring your dreams into reality.  It can be easy to get caught up in what others are doing, thinking, or saying; but when that happens, the only real person who loses is the one who loses sight of themselves and their true intentions. Use the sense of competition to elevate your own game, to get inspired, and to build something entirely new and entirely you.


5 of Cups

If you feel like you need help in any aspect of your life, remember there is strength in vulnerability and asking is the biggest challenge to overcome. Openly communicate, be honest, and make a game plan. This is only a minor bump in the road, like running out of gas.  There is help nearby as long as you can seek it. 


6 of Wands

If you build it, they will come! You’ve reached a point in your journey of creativity, willpower and drive that has resulted in you experiencing well-deserved success.  What you have put into your projects you are now beginning to see returned to you, which is reason for celebration! You have the benevolent gift of expansion beside you now. Harness that momentum in order to keep this success going for the long haul. 


5 of Wands

This card has been coming out for a lot of the signs. As Aquarius, you represent the extended community- meaning you may be feeling a lot of the collective energy of competition right now. You have the gift of foresight, meaning you can see beyond any shallow setbacks. Use this energy to get inspired and up your game by getting inspired by those beside you. The next step is enjoying your success, keep that in your mind’s eye and you’ll be celebrating before you know it.


6 of Cups

You may have experienced a visit from someone from your past recently; or been invited to look back into past and reconnect with the experiences of your inner child.  There is true medicine to addressing these parts of yourself, and with it also a reminder of who really deserves to stay in your present. Length of time of knowing someone doesn’t determine their place in your life, but the quality of the connection does. 

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