Pisces Season 2023

Ancient alchemists believed that the salt in tears were crystallized remnants of thoughts & fears, broken down by crying. Welcome to the healing powers of Pisces season. Water can cleanse, carry, purify, and hydrate. It can absorb, it can settle, it can stir. Water has the ability to nurture and replenish, or it can drench and flood. This is kind of a perfect metaphor for Pisces season. This season is for the dreamers, mystics, the astral travelers, artists, escapists and healers. 

It is the liminal space between the old and the new, as Aries season looms on the horizon we see peeks and hints here and there of Spring trying to burst through. But the importance of this time can’t be underestimated due to seasonal impatience. It’s the last true moment of reflection, feeling, processing and healing in the realms beyond what we can see. 

If Aries season is for action and new beginnings, then now is the time for the first swirling of possibilities to come. As a mutable water sign, there’s an inherent duality to this. It’s the difference between fantasy and anxiety; and the difference between manifesting your dreams or your biggest fears. 

The polarity of Pisces (Water) is Virgo (Earth) – a reminder of how our internal realms directly affect and intertwine with our physiological wellbeing. It’s a time to look in and love all the places you don’t show, that other’s don’t see. You cannot address one without considering the other.

Although Pisces has us swimming in the depths & discerning dreams from reality there is also an abundance of fire being activated in the zodiac. Jupiter, Chiron and Venus are all in Aries- calling on even more healing of the self. Chiron literally represents our wounds, Jupiter is amplifying them, Venus is asking you to turn them into beauty and lead with love. 

Full Moon in Virgo on March 7, the same day Saturn enters Pisces until 2025. More on these transits to come! 


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Published by kerrysdiary

Collage Artist inspired by the Cosmos, constantly learning about the stars, magic and creativity, sharing my experience along the way.

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