Once Bit Twice Shy – SATURN DIRECT ♄

ONCE BIT TWICE SHY – Saturn turns Direct September 18 

Saturn, the great Malefic planet of Karma, has been retrograde since April of this year.  This means that the way we relate to our past cycles, authority, relationships, responsibility, fears, and boundaries has undergone a massive shakeup and overhaul during that time. 

Saturn’s influence is akin to ‘taking a long hard look at yourself in the mirror’ except this mirror is nowhere near as forgiving as your ego. You have to reflect on your actions and their consequences, realize how you’re responsible and how you can take accountability to be a more evolved person in the long run.

Essentially, the planet Saturn can represent paying the piper.

While this planet was retrograde, all previously mentioned aspects experienced a disintegration in order to re-prioritize, as usual.  Kind of like Spring cleaning but for the upcoming Winter. As the leaves start to change colors and temperatures cool, the harvest of the year is reaped and the Sun begins to wane.  With that a natural shift to retreat and release occurs. 

Saturn’s influence can be a bit like death, it represents changes that are all at once universal, hurtful, beneficial, and inevitably a part of the cycle of life.  New beginnings can only come from that which has ended.  This has been a resounding theme the last couple days especially with the recent full Moon in Pisces.

Saturn Rx meant we probably experienced a handful of power struggles over the last six months as we re-aligned to our newfound boundaries. As Saturn turns direct, the dust settles, and we adjust to our new reality with strength and conviction.  It’s a resolution from all the turmoil, at least! And lets be real, we got this.  Anytime you survive one of Saturn’s shakeups, you come out all the stronger and wiser. 

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