The First Full Moon of 2023! Wolf Moon in Cancer 🌕🐺♋

It’s the first full moon of 2023! Called the Wolf Moon after the sound of their howls that carry through the long winter nights. Accompanying this full moon is Mercury Rx in Capricorn, providing a slow and steady (even reflective) start to the new year. 

In the Tarot system, Capricorn corresponds to the Devil card, and Cancer corresponds to the Chariot. 

There are distinct similarities and differences with these cards, especially when see them together (pictured above).

In the Chariot, a woman is holding onto reins as she embarks on a journey; the Devil card features women who appear to be chained against their will. Each of these cards represent an element of flow and control and our relationship to both.

The Chariot shows us how to go with the flow, holding onto the reins using skill and determination to make it to our destination by working with the elements around us. The Chariot is the vehicle, literal or metaphorical, that transports us from one place/state to another. It makes the arduous journey possible by providing the necessary protection- a vessel that can navigate the highs, lows, and oppositional forces encountered along the way. It’s our home wherever we go that keeps us safe.  It’s up to us to hold onto and direct the reins; but there is an aspect of surrendered control here. The way to do this is to feel and respond with your entire being- just what Cancer is great at.

The Devil, although frightening, is not a *bad* card. It has more to do with material reality and the limits it imposes on us. For instance: in the winter, resources become scarce and we are forced to conserve for survival. Movement slows as we store our strength to make it through the harshness of the season. Our relationship to gratitude changes as we face limitations and feel restrictions. Unprocessed karma is at the door with a deafening knock as we navigate the feeling of lack (lack of daylight, resources, etc). We are shown what is necessary as superfluous thoughts, ideas or actions fall behind.  The dead of winter is cleansing and purifying; we’re in the thick of the process that Scorpio season prepared us for.

When we look at both of these cards, the unification of these opposites might be something akin to befriending a wolf. At first it’s terrifying, but as you come face to face with what you thought was a beast you begin to see it is a gentle and misunderstood creature doing its best to survive, just like you. Magic happens when we work together.

It prompts the question: Are we engaging in force (chains) or flow (reins)? In what circumstances are each necessary? How can we help facilitate the dance between both? These are questions we can meditate on and keep in mind as we ride out the highs and lows of the winter season. There are no ‘correct’ answers here- you have much to gain just by asking and listening.

Wishing you all a lovely and illuminating full moon!

Deck featured: The Meta Muse Tarot

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