How to create harmony during the Libra Full Moon

On Saturday, April 16 we have a Full moon in harmonious, balance-loving Libra opposite the Sun in individualistic, action loving Aries.  As an opposition, full moons are a potentially tense aspect that illuminates the difference between the two signs, and with both squaring Pluto, this adds an extra layer of intensity. But the mission of the full moon’s illumination is to bring awareness to the subconscious for the sake of integration!

Aries is solar focused, preferring to keep moving and be active instead of dealing with deep and potentially painful truths and wounds. So there may be some tension bubbling up to the surface, but what better way to dispel it than through physical activity of your choice: hiking, yoga, even just going for a walk around your neighborhood.  Physical movement in itself is an incredibly healing act.

Libra shows Aries how to be soft.  It shows Aries the driving instinct behind their individualism can only be reflected by another, and suddenly that makes their polarity symbiotic.  If you can be anything this full moon, practice being soft, gentle. 

It’s Last full moon before eclipse season begins.  Taurus season is rapidly upon us— and with it, an increased focus on work and practicalities– which seems to be coming up for a lot of the signs! Keep reading for your taroscope guidance by zodiac sign.

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Taroscopes for the Full Moon in Libra


7 of cups

What are these strange things, these… emotions? With this moon exactly opposite your sun, you may be feeling a little disoriented by all that is being brought up, as if in a fog. Can you trust your senses right now? The truth is, if you have to ask, just give it a couple days. Full moons are notoriously tricky times, but always good for releasing that which no longer serves you.  Use whatever comes up now as guidance on what to let go.



It looks like you’re going through a pretty real transformation right now, whether you’re changing jobs, relationships, or even an outdated belief system- something is changing, and it’s for good. Be gentle with yourself as you navigate the changing landscape before you, and go slowly. With Venus being activated this full moon, make sure you practice some extra self love, self care.  As an earth sign, spending time in nature will keep you feeling grounded & connected. 


10 of cups

You’re getting a green light from the universe this full moon. You are surrounded with support and deserve the happiness you have worked so hard for recently. A difficult cycle is coming to a close, and a harmonious new beginning is already here and will be for awhile. This card corresponds to Mars in Pisces, a transit which begins on the 14 of April until May 24th. This would be a good time to make any big moves towards your goals. Visualize success in your endeavors and watch it arrive.


4 of pentacles

If you’re dreaming big and have big goals, you’re coming to realize what it will take to bring them to fruition, practically speaking.  It’s wise to have savings and long term financial plans, but be aware that your long terms goals aren’t manifesting a scarcity mindset. It’s a good time to analyze your relationship with finances and get to the core of any doubts you have. Currency is an energy like anything else, and works best when it can flow freely. Watch it expand when you loosen your need for total control.


Ace of Pentacles

It looks this full moon, you are being gifted the opportunity of a new beginning in the realm of earth- meaning it relates to your work, finances, home or a big purchase.  The ace of pentacles is a seed for an opportunity, and it’s up to you to plant it, nurture it and watch it grow. The ace also depicts the gift of health from a physical and spiritual perspective. All you need to do is give it permission and allow it to happen.


King of Wands

It looks like you are finally getting the recognition and respect that you deserve. You’ve mastered your craft so much so that others come to you for guidance, eager for a piece of your knowledge or a chance to learn from seeing you in action. You’re stepping into a position of a leader, not by mere chance, but because you put in the time and effort. Realize that at this point, you may need to begin outsourcing work and take on more of a management style position instead of doing everything yourself.


8 of swords

With the full moon lighting up your sign, you may feel the intense effects of it’s subconscious activation. Since the full moon is a time for release, have an honest look at your own self-limiting belief systems.  It’s easy to feel disempowered if we’re thinking from a perspective of a wounded self, but all it takes is realizing you aren’t actually trapped in that same space anymore. Reclaim your power with a new perspective and realize you aren’t actually stuck. 


7 of pentacles

It looks like you’re in the middle of creating something really valuable for yourself, such as long term career plans or financial planning.  The results may feel like they’re taking forever to arrive, but remember, good things take time! Use this as an opportunity to make sure you are indeed on the right path, that there are no minor details being missed. Soon, your harvest will come- just stay focus and go easy on yourself if you’re feeling impatient. 


8 of pentacles

It looks like you’re deep in your work this full moon, making sure that everything is properly taken care of and done effectively. If the work feels tedious or monotonous, just know that every hour put in is helping to perfect your craft or skill. Success is right around the corner you will be seeing the results of all your hard work soon. Keep up the good work!


Prince of Cups

You may be feeling dreamy and creative after the Neptune+Jupiter conjunction, so much so that you’re acting from your heart more so than your head. This is a great time to get into your creativity and follow where your passions take you. There is another reminder in the Prince of Cups- that imagination is activated by action in the world. Capricorn of all signs knows how to truly bring dreams into reality. 


9 of pentacles

It looks like you’re feeling the Venusian qualities of this full moon.  After working hard for all the abundance you have in your life, you now have a chance to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Although you might not be all the way where you plan to be just yet, embrace gratitude for the harmony and beauty you have created and maintained in your life. It is no small feat! 


7 of wands

When you climb the ladder of success, it’s inevitable that along the way you will acquire some “haters.” As much as you want to address them and correct the narrative and attempt to prove to them their wrongness, nothing will bring peace to these kinds of situations except for minding your own business. After all, you have a lot going for you! Don’t let the doubts grow roots, move along and focus on creating something beautiful.

Happy full moon blessings, y’all.



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